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Software localization is a process of adapting a software product to the selected international market. 

Software localization is recommended for successful marketing on the local market. The localization primarily means personalization of an application (system) for target market where specific cultural habits, judiciary rules, target market conditions and customer requierments have to be taken into consideration.
We specialize in localization of English version of application to Slovenian version from the following information and commuications areas:
  • Software for desktop computers
  • Mobile telephony and telecommunication
  • Software for Tablet PCs and smart phones
  • Localization of web portals and online pages
We provide comprehensive localization solution:
  • Translation 
  • Technical processing 
  • Software or web page testing
  • Translation of printed documentation, which also includes DTP
  • Web page design (development division)

Software localization also includes experts from our development divison, which enables us to provide quality services delivered on the agreed deadlines.

Recently localized products:
Microsoft Office 2010
Microsoft Windows 7
Several Google products and services (user interfaces and user assistance)
Office Online and web pages
Microsoft Dynamics Navision 4.0 - user documentation 
Microsoft Windows Vista - user interface and user assistance documentation

We have also translated:

Office 2010
Localization of Microsoft Windows 7
Localization of Microsoft Internet Explorer 

 Localization of Google products and services

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