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Companies can use our localization and translation services to increase their sale of products and services all over the world


Software Localization

Software localization and re-ingeneering, localization of in-product and online help and quality assesment of online and multimedia content.

Web Sites Translation

Translation and localization of web pages, and buidling and maintaining of online and interactive contents. We also offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Medical Translation

Our company specializes in translation of user manuals and technical documentaion for different manufacturers of medcial devices and equipment.

Document Translation

Translation and generation of user documentation, system manuals, security procedures, clinical trials, etc. We can provide "ready-to-print" documents.

We offer high quality translation and localization services for:
  • ERP Software (user interfaces, user manuals, help, brochures, etc.)
  • System Software (user interfaces, user manuals, help, brochures, etc.)
  • Internet (web pages, banners, news and advertisments)
  • Hardware (product sepcifications, user manuals, application program interfaces (API), etc.)
  • Telecommunication (mobile telephony, protocols and user manuals)

Globalization, Localization and Translation






We specialize in software localization and technical documentation translation from English, German, Italian and Spanish to Slovenian.

In cooperation with our partners from entire Europe we have successfilly completed several complex projects for some of the largest world corporations, that include also Microsoft, Google, HP, and Canon. We are also one of the leading companies in Slovenia in mastering tools for machine translation.

We offer translation and localization of entire systems in the field of information and telecommunication technologies ranging from promotional documents to user interfaces.

We are one of the most important localization providers in Slovenia for these trademarks:
Microsoft Localization of Google products and services HP

Globalization includes all company activities connected to marketing of a particular product (software) on another foreign markets. The goal of globalization is a successful marketing in several different regions where technical, economical and legal aspects that apply in these regions have to be taken into consideration. (Schmitz, 2000: 2) 

Internationalization includes software development and its personalization to aspects of other markets, which include other convetions, cultural aspects and languages. The goal of internationalization is product development where product versions can be launched in new (regional) markets as quickly as possible and with minimum costs. (Schmitz, 2000: 2)

Localization is procedure in which a product is translated into another language and also adapted in a way that is linguistically and culturally suitable for use in a specific market. (Esselink, 2000: 2)

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