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When translating medical texts high quality and accuracy is of utter importance. Our company offers translation services to medical devices and equipment manufacturers. There is no room for errors when translating such texts as translations have to be 100% correct, completely error free and unambigious. For this reason, these texts in our company are only translated by translators with extensive background knowledge. This is a very specialized field of translation and to be able to prevent any errors we also include external healthcare experts, that closely cooperate with our translators and reviewers.
Computed Tomography 

Most recent translations 
User manual for Computed Tomography Systems (CT), Philips
Transmission System of C-Arm Arcadis Orbic, Siemens
User manual for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Systems, General Electrics

Some of the trademarks for which we have performed medical technical translations:
General Electric Healthcare  Philips   Siemens medical

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