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We realize that translation does not mean merely transcribing texts word by word into antoher language, but also includes comprehensive understanding of meaning and cultural differences. This is the only way of providing translations that are fully understandable and unambigious in target language.

Translation process at Aldia Ltd.:

Translation Process   

Document acceptance (material): Document analysis with translation tools, tender preparation, consolidation of deadlines with the customer, human resources provision and verifying technical conditions for implementation.

Preparation: Project Manager prepares instructions for work that include lingustic, style and any customer guidelines that translators must follow during the course of a project. Preparation phase also includes preparation of the glossary of terms in cooperation with experts from individual field that is used througout the translation process. This glossary is continuosly updated during the course of a project and assures consistent use of terminology in longterm projects.

Translation: In this phase translators do the actual translations. All translators are native speakers of the language into which they are translating the text and have extensive knowledge in the subject field they are translating. They have to pay attention not only to the accuracy and suitability, but also to the appropriate terminology and style of text as each field of translation has its own specific aspects (e.g. marketing, legal or medical text). Translators have access to a large number of online dictionaries and in-house terminology databases that provide extensive help to our translators.

Professional review: After cross-review the text is forwarded to professional review. Professional review is performed upon request of the customer or with texts where wrong translation could lead to material damage, injury or death of an end user (e.g. medical text). Aldia Ltd. has gained valuable experiences in translating various types of texts and established close and regular cooperation with legal experts, MDs, technical engineers and others.

Linguistic review: Finished translation is reviewed by a language specialist in our company who verifies if the translation adheres to linguistic and style request set by the customer.

DTP - desktop publishing: Aldia Ltd. does not only offer comprehensive translation service, but also preparation for print. Documents maintain their original layout/form during  translation phase. DTP services are availabke in the following formats: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe InDesign, PDF and CorelDraw.

We also design templates for Microsoft Office applications.

Final review: Project Manager reviews prepared final files and also verifies text integrity, looks for any corrupted characters, checks the graphical design, etc.

Delivery: Project Manager prepares final files or other material and forwards them to the customer in accordance with his/her requirements.

Customer typically runs language quality assurance tests on translations (materials) and returns the test results to the compnay. These results are very important for us as positive results assure further cooperation with that customer. In case of errors we analyze all errors and try to determine the cause for them. If the analysis confirms we are responsible for the error we thoroughly review the whole text and correct all possible occurences of the given string in text, and then also update related translation memories with corrected translations. The error is also forwarded to all participants in a given  project.

Additional procedures for providnig high quality: In addtion to the before mentioned quality assurance procedures (cross-review, professional review, special linguistic review, etc.) we also use software tools that are available within the applications (XLZ Checker, LTB Report and others). These tools assure consistent translations (when there are more translators involved in a project) and correct display of the content in online documents.

Translators do not only attend professional and technical training sessions, but also regular online seminars and training sessions created specifically for translation tools and applications they use for work.

Confidentiality: Your security and confidentiality is very important for Aldia Ltd. This is why all translators are bound by contract to business secret. All translations are confidential.

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