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Business Software 
At Aldia we develop business solutions for resolving specific demands of our customers. Applications provide IT support to business funcionality. Computerisation of specific business process requests, development of special software modules and integration of applications with customer's existing systems provide a good basis for later implementation of analytical solutions.  
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Data Processing
We develop software for processing and transformation of data saved in different databases. We design integration of databases for analysis needs and provide support for capturing data from external devices like temperature sensors, humidity sensors, etc.
Beside the foregoing we can also provide services for database editing and administration, data upload/download from and to any formats, data capture from any formats and report generation.

Information Services for Budgeting and Annual Financial Statements Generation 
Our company is proud of our experiences in the field of budgeting and annual financial statements generation we have gained over the past 10 years. We would like to offer the knowledge we have aquired in this period to local communities and other national treasuries. We can offer you the following services:
- Planning, building, maintainance and implementation of the information system
- Data analysis 
- Generic report building for analysis needs
- Technical support to budgeting and annual finacial statement generation
In cooperation with the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Slovenia we have developed the APPrA system that is used in connection with national budget. This system is a product of domestic know-how and referral sysetm for budgeting in major European countries and all over the world. The system was presented in 2004 on the OECD conference in Hague and has received "State of the art" certificate from the International Monetary Fund.

Web Applications 
People often forget that web application can also be used just as an interface of the real application that users most often access through internal network protected with a firewall. This opens an entirely new perspective. Such web applications can be used to simplify work from home or from a remote location. Nonetheless, there are still a few use scenarios that require standalone web applications.
Our company uses technology that speeds up development and enables extraordinary adaptability to customer needs. It is ready for simple sharing, importing and exporting of data, and supports flexible authentication for user log on and detailed authorization for input and access to data.

Mobile Solutions
Mobile solutions effectively fill up gaps connected to work procedures that take place outside office environment. Such tasks used to be the source of errors and delays. Today field work can be equally comfortable, accurate and quick as office work.

Maintainance and Upgrade
We pay special attention to the maintainance of software. We regulary follow legislation and inform contract users about amendments to legislation on time.

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