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Have you designed a web page?
Do you have potential customers from all over the world or hired experts for online marketing?

But where are your orders?
There is a simple answer to this question. For successful sale on foreign markets you have to master the language of that market. It is true that customers can easily fund your web page, but they do not understand your offer..

Below you can find some statistics:

  1. Web user will 4-times more likely complete the purchase if a web page is in his/her language(
  2. Web page visitors will stay on web page 2-times longer if a web page in in their language (Forrest Research)
  3. 27% of web users use English when browsing (Internet World Stats)

 The number of internet users in individual countries (Wikipedia)

How can we help you?
Web pages use a larger number of documents and different file types. Some of the most common are: HTML, PHP, XHTML, XML, JAVA, FLASH, ASP, ASPX, CSS and others.
For appropriate translation of a web page we need source files or access to your CMS portal where you assign us a username an password for localization (document translation).
Our translators and developers will then perfom the localization of the web page that includes:

  • Content translation
  • Keyword translation (translated words analysis - search engine optimization)
  • Title translation 
  • Tooltip/hint translation 
  • Description translation
  • Picture, table and graph processing
  • Form layout

We recommend that you leave web page translation (localization) to our experts as even the smallest and maybe unimportant details can influence your sale. Below you can find a simple example of online store localization for two English speaking countries:
USA - Shopping Chart
UK - Shopping Basket
This simple difference can significally increase or completely destroy the sale of your services or products.
Web page translation will be performed by our translators, specialized in various fields.

10 most commonly used languages in internet

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10 EU countries with the largest number of internet users

Vir: Internet World Stats

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